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Comforth Curler Pro - Automatic Curling Iron

Sale price$108.00
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Europe's most popular automatic curler

Perfect curls in no time!

Are you frustrated with how long it takes to simply curl your hair? Don’t worry, we got you! With the Comforth Curler Pro you can get the curls of your dreams in no time.

Convenient and quick way to curl your hair
Safe from frizzing or damaging hair
Smart Curling Technology
Lasting results for all hair types
4 temperature levels from 170 to 230 °C

Comforth Curler Pro - Automatic Curling Iron
Comforth Curler Pro - Automatic Curling Iron Sale price$108.00


Comforth Care Heat Protection Spray 200ml

Sale price$22.00

Price with the Curler: €11.97 (40% discount)

Use Comforth Heat Protection Spray before using the Comforth Curler or other heating elements on your hair to ensure you can create perfect curls every day without damaging your hair.


✔️Extra convenient and easy to use!
Curling hair with a regular curling iron can be quite a challenge, but with the Comforth Curler you can get perfect curls quickly! The smart curling technology automatically rotates the hair around the ceramic barrel that leaves you with perfectly shiny curls.

✔️ The ultimate curling experience
Whether you like wavy, loose, or tight curls, the Comforth curler got you with its 4 different temperature settings for different curls that you can adjust to your liking. The automatic curling iron can reach 170°C in just 40 seconds and 230 degrees in a further 50 seconds. Plus, it can curl clockwise or counter-clockwise, so you can curl your hair in or out for a classic, glamorous Hollywood look or a laid-back beach look.

✔️ Guaranteed perfect curls every time
The curler beeps automatically when the curl is done. That way, you are guaranteed a perfect curl every time, and you don't risk over-treating your hair. Additionally, each strand of hair is curled uniformly at a controlled temperature, so you get consistent results every time.

✔️ Safe for all hair types
The Comforth Curler Pro has a unique ceramic coating that protects the hair from excessive heat, so you are safe from burn marks, frizzy hair and uneven curls. You can easily hold down the curling button and release the hair in case it comes in incorrectly.

With the Comforth Curler, you can easily style your hair in exactly the way you want, so you'll always have beautiful, long-lasting curls that suit your hair.




Adjust the temperature to your hair type and needs.


Place a strand of hair in the curler. Hold the curling button until the hair is completely absorbed in the barrel.


Release the hair after the beep tone and enjoy your beautiful curls!


With the Comforth Curler's Smart Curling technology you will never have a bad hair day! The technology used in the curler rotates the hair around the barrel automatically while providing protection, shine and long-lasting curls for all hair types.

The curler has auto-rotation, ceramic coating and ions so you can create the perfect curl in no time. The auto-rotation technology automatically pulls in and rotates your hair into the curling chamber, gradually heating it evenly from all sides to create the perfect curl.

The ultra-smooth, ceramic-coated barrel prevents your hair from getting stuck or damaged by the heat. The ion technology prevents your hair from becoming static by releasing negative ions, so even the most dry or damaged hair remains frizz-free and with a nice shine. The negative ions also seal moisture in the hair strands, so the natural oils in your hair are protected.


Most people probably know it well that using a curling iron is not entirely safe. Typical curling irons come with the risk of burning either your fingers or your scalp if not used properly. The hair can also become incredibly damaged over time due to exposure to high levels of heat from curling irons.

That's why the Comforth Curler Pro has several safety measures so you don't have to worry about the hair getting stuck or burnt. The open design ensures that you are always in control when styling your hair. The ultra-smooth ceramic coating prevents friction, so the hair rotates smoothly. Finally, the curler also automatically beeps when the curl is ready, so there is no risk of burning the hair.

With Comforth Curler Pro, you can safely and effectively get shiny, soft and healthy curls that last all day.


  • Anionic fireproof ceramic layer
  • Double rotation - Curl clockwise or counter-clockwise
  • Ready in 40 seconds
  • From 170 to 230 °C in 50 seconds
  • With cord - doesn't not run out of power
  • Retains the hair's natural moisture
  • Usable for short and long hair

The cord of the curler has 360° rotatability, so it doesn't get tangled in itself or get in the way.

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