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Scientific documentation behind infrared sauna therapy

The benefits of infrared therapy have been studied for many years worldwide. In the medical literature, there are a number of studies that seem to show the beneficial effects of infrared sauna carpets, e.g. on heart diseases, muscle pain, rheumatic diseases and chronic pain.

We at Comforth Scandinavia do not claim that our Sauna blanket prevents various diseases, but simply refer to scientific documentation for treatment with Far Infrared Radiation (FIR), which our Sauna blanket uses, as well as the documentation for waon therapy (dry sauna therapy - usually via infrared radiation), which is also the mechanism that the sauna blanket uses.

We at Comforth Scandinavia are currently investigating the possibilities of participating in an actual medical trial with our infrared sauna blanket for the recovery of heart disease.

Below is a selection of scientific references, all of which deal with infrared sauna therapy (FIR):