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Guide for Comforth IPL Pro

Comforth IPL Pro is easy to use and has a long-lasting effect, where hair growth stops after +12 weeks of regular treatment. Read this simple guide to learn how to use your IPL Hair Remover. A detailed manual in is also included with the purchase.

Before you start

Before starting an IPL treatment, it is recommended to test the hair remover 24 hours before treatment on a small area to avoid possible skin reactions.

Ensure that the skin is completely dry and free of oils or creams, as this can negatively affect the IPL function.

It is also important to shave the area to be treated to ensure that the light waves are absorbed by the hair follicles and the treatment will be more effective.

Set the machine to your needs

To start the IPL hair remover, connect it to power and press the start button. Then choose the strength from level 1 to 5 that best suits your needs by following the color guide.

IPL hair and skin color guide colour guide

Set the machine according to the desired treatment area, either face, body or intimate area. Use the auto mode for larger areas like the legs by holding the flash button for three seconds.

How to use the device:

When using the IPL hair remover, it is important to protect the eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to use the supplied protective glasses during the treatment.

Once you have switched on the device and selected the desired strength, place it against the skin at a 90 degree angle. The flash glass will flash when it is ready to use.

You can now emit light rays by pressing the button and moving the machine over the skin.

It is recommended to move the machine with approx. the same distance as the size of the flash lens and overlap slightly to ensure all hair is treated. 

Finish processing:

Once you have treated the desired area, you must repeat the process on all the other areas that you wish to treat.

It is important to be precise and not overlook any areas. If you work imprecisely, this can lead to uneven and spotty results in some areas.

Therefore make sure to take your time and be thorough so that you achieve the best possible result.

Recommended course of treatment

To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use IPL once to twice a week for 12 weeks. After 4-5 weeks you will be able to see and feel a difference, and after 12 weeks you can decide to continue the treatment or move on to the post-treatment phase.

The post-treatment phase is important to maintain your results, where IPL should be used once every two months after the treatment.

You can always contact our customer service at if you have questions or considerations about IPL hair removal.