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Comforth CerviCare

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Relieve pain and tension in the neck

Are you plagued by bad posture, neck tension and headaches? Our Comforth CerviCare provides instant relief with a combination of stretch, heat and electrical muscle stimulation. Achieve deep relaxation and get rid of neck tension with just a 15 minute treatment at home.

 Stretches and relaxes the neck
 Ensures deep relaxation throughout the body
 Adapt the treatment to your needs
 Extended treatment with included electrodes
 User-friendly and thoroughly tested for security

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✓ Stretches and relaxes the lower back
✓ Stimulates muscle healing at a cellular level
✓ Individual adjustment for customized treatment
✓ Can be used on multiple parts of the body
✓ Easy and safe to use

BENEFITS of cervicare

✔️ Frames where the need is greatest
Many experience major problems and tension in the neck, for example due to their working positions. Neck tension often causes headaches, poor posture and sleep problems. With Comforth CerviCare, you target your treatment to the point on the body where it is most needed.

✔️ High impact with innovative technology
Comforth CerviCare uses a combination of innovative technologies such as heat therapy, dynamic stretching and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). This ensures stretching and relief of both musculature and skeleton. That way, you will feel an effect that can otherwise only be achieved with professional treatment.

✔️ Full body application
With this solution, you not only get relief in the neck and head. The included electrodes make it possible to move the treatment to where you need it most. This allows you to use the EMS technology on sore muscles in e.g. the shoulder, arms or legs.

✔️ Smart and compact design
Comforth CerviCare is designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use. It is therefore compact and elegant, so that the machine can easily stand out in the home. The compact design also makes it suitable for taking on the go and easy to store.

Comforth CerviCare is the perfect solution for neck and neck pain.


Pain relief in minutes

turn on.

Plug the machine into the power outlet


Place the machine under the neck as instructed


Enjoy a relaxing treatment and feel the difference

How Comforth CerviCare works

Comforth CerviCare gives you all the benefits of a professional treatment at home. In just 15 minutes, you will achieve relaxation and pain relief that eases headaches and tension in the head region. When the pressure on the vertebrae in the neck is relieved, you will experience increased energy, an improved posture and more flexibility in the body in general. All this is achieved with the help of the innovative technologies that are combined in Comforth CerviCare.

Dynamic stretching

The machine stretches your neck using an inflation mechanism. This relieves the pressure on the cervical vertebrae, providing instant relief and well-being in the neck. It also helps the muscles to relax and regain their proper shape.

Comfortable heat therapy

Comforth CerviCare uses heat therapy that can be adjusted at three different levels. In addition to the heat giving an increased feeling of well-being, it also helps to increase blood flow from the back through the neck to the head.

Efficient EMS technology

EMS stands for "Electrical Muscle Stimulation". The electrical impulses strengthen and relax the muscles, which improves blood circulation and recovery. In this way, EMS helps to relieve pain and soreness in the muscles, while at the same time stimulating strength and flexibility.

Targeted treatment with

EMS electrodes

Although many tensions accumulate in the neck, you may also need the beneficial effects of EMS in other areas of the body.

That is why Comforth CerviCare comes with loose electrodes that you can connect to the machine and place almost anywhere on the body. Are you e.g. sore legs after a run or tired arms after gardening, with the help of the electrodes you can feel the beneficial effects of EMS in this muscle as well.

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The best technologies combined

Relaxation in your own home

Comforth CerviCare uses innovative technologies to provide you with the most effective treatment at home. If you suffer from chronic neck pain and headaches or often experience neck soreness after a long day at work, this solution is for you. It ensures comfortable relaxation while stimulating your neck muscles and cervical vertebrae at a deeper level.

100 day 100% satisfaction guarantee

Try it risk-free

If you are troubled by poor posture, stiffness, soreness, or general discomfort in your neck, then Comforth CerviCare is the solution for you. If you have not previously experienced the effect of EMS on your own body, it is hard to imagine the positive difference it makes.

Fortunately, at Comforth, we offer a full 100-day free return policy. This means you can try Comforth CerviCare completely risk-free and experience the difference on your own body.


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