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Comforth AirPro™ - 6-in-1 Hair Dryer

Prix de vente€249,95
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Most popular styling tool

Professional hair styler and hairdryer in one solution

With our Comforth Air Pro you get the ultimate styling tool for your hair. Whether you want straight hair, curls or a professional blowout, you have the solution at your fingertips. The perfect all-in-one solution to create the most beautiful styles in your hair in the gentlest way.

 The ultimate all-in-one solution
 Make curls, straight hair or waves
 Easy and fast to use
 Does not damage the hair
 Suitable for all hair types


Comforth Care Heat Protection Spray 250ml

Prix de vente€19,95

Price with the AirPro: €11.97 (40% discount)

Use Comforth Heat Protection Spray before using the Comforth AirPro or other heating elements on your hair to ensure you can create perfect curls every day without damaging your hair.

Benefits with AirPro

✔️ Compact all-in-one solution
Get rid of messy drawers filled with various curling, straightening and curling irons. With Comforth Air Pro, you get both a hairdryer, various brushes and curling and straightening irons in one integrated package. This makes it easy to achieve many different beautiful styles, while keeping the drawer in order.

✔️ Vary your look endlessly
Due to the many functions, it is almost only the imagination that sets the limits when you have to set the hair. Whether for everyday use or parties, Comforth Air Pro is always at hand - and it only takes 5 minutes to achieve a beautiful result.

✔️Avoid heat damage
Comforth Air Pro is designed with your hair in focus. Therefore, you can adjust the temperature so that you avoid dry and damaged hair with split ends. At the same time, you can use the cold button to "set" the hair at the end, especially when you make curls, which makes the hairstyle last better.

✔️ Easy to use
The compact and simple design of our all-in-one solution makes it easy to use, regardless of which head you use. It is quick to change from one to the other head with a simple turning function. At the same time, the device is easy to clean thanks to the removable filter.

The 6 different brushes each have their own function and allows you to experiment with all kinds of styles and trends.

It's that easy...

Beautiful hair in 3 easy steps


Place your desired brush on the drying head


Turn on the machine and select your settings


Set your hair exactly the way you want

The perfect tool for everyday life and parties

Comforth Air Pro can be used every day and for any occasion - from a quick hair drying to the most advanced setup. With the different settings, you can try your hand and find what works best for you and your hair.

Tip: To achieve the most lasting results, you can use a little hair mousse in damp hair before you start styling.

Beautiful curls in no time

With the curling barrel, you can easily and effortlessly create beautiful curls as the hair automatically wraps around the device. This way you can style your hair without having to manually roll or twist it around the device.

The Comforth AirPro uses a special technology that combines airflow and heat to shape hair without exposing it to extreme temperatures. The ultra-smooth ceramic coating prevents friction so hair spins smoothly and negative ion technology helps reduce static electricity. This eliminates frizz and gives your hair a beautiful shine.

The 6 brushes

Comforth Air Pro is for anywone that wants to take their hair styling to the next level. It gives you results as if you had just stepped out of the hair salon. However, the results are achieved in just 5 minutes.

Blowout Brush

Use this brush to achieve a blowout look like you've just been to the hairdresser. Use the brush in an upward direction at the roots for an extra volume boost.

Curling Barrel

The curling barrel is the perfect tool to create beautiful curls in no time. The hair automatically wraps around the barrel when in use, and you can set the direction of rotation so you can create curls both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Blow dryer

The classic blow dryer dries your hair quickly and easily. If you want to use one of the other heads afterwards, remember to leave the hair slightly damp - approx. 80%.

Smoothing brush

Smooth your hair easily and quickly with this brush or create a beautiful bow at the end of the hair. This brush is particularly suitable for slightly longer and thicker hair.

Soft smoothing brush

Use this brush to dry and straighten your hair at the same time. It prevents frizz and leaves your hair shiny, glossy and shiny.

Volumizing brush

This brush gives your hair lots of lift and volume. Use it to create beautiful, soft curls or give your hair a boost by holding the brush under the roots for 2-3 seconds.


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