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Skin and Hair

Comforth MicroDerm - Personal Microdermabrasion WandComforth MicroDerm - Personlig Diamantsliber.
Economisez 20%The Intro PackageThe Intro Package
The Intro Package Prix de vente€99,95 Prix normal€124,90
Comforth Curler Pro - Automatic Curling IronComforth Curler Pro - Automatic Curling Iron
Gua Sha Set with facial rollerGua Sha Set with facial roller
Gua Sha Set with facial roller Prix de vente€29,95
Economisez 24%The Spa Package
The Spa Package Prix de vente€169,95 Prix normal€224,85
Economisez 25%The Premium Package
The Premium Package Prix de vente€189,95 Prix normal€254,80
MicroDerm Refill KitMicroDerm Refill Kit
MicroDerm Refill Kit Prix de vente€29,95
Comforth CleanserComforth Cleanser
Comforth Cleanser Prix de vente€39,95
CellCare Repair Cream with wild roseCellCare Repair Cream+ m. Vildrose.
Comforth Nano-Ionic Facial SteamerComforth Nano-Ionic Facial Steamer
Comforth Mask MachineComforth Mask Machine
Comforth Mask Machine Prix de vente€129,95
Comforth Nano-MisterComforth Nano-Mister
Comforth Nano-Mister Prix de vente€39,95
32 Collagen pills for Mask machine32 Collagen pills for Mask machine