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GUA SHA - Your way to natural, beautiful skin

GUIDE: Everything you need to know about GUA SHA

Welcome to the world of natural beauty and wellness. Here we will dive into the fascinating topic of Gua Sha. An ancient Chinese beauty technique that has gained great popularity in the Western world. Read on to discover how this simple yet effective technique can transform your skin and your wellbeing.

Gua Sha [pronounced "gwa sja"]

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a thousands of years old Chinese massage technique that uses special stones to scrape the skin to increase blood circulation and remove waste products. "Gua sha" translates from Chinese to "to scrape" and "red spots" and has become very popular around the world due to its ability to cleanse the skin of accumulated lymphatic fluid, tension and pain. Gua Sha has an immediate effect and can be used as part of your daily beauty routine.

It is a natural and effective way to improve skin health and radiance. Gua Sha is more than just a beauty trend. It's a proven technique that has been used for millennia to promote health and wellbeing.

With our Gua sha set, you get both the traditional gua sha stone and the popular facial roller. The massage stone can also be used to massage the neck to counteract migraines and muscle pain. Gua sha massage is especially known for its ability to reduce bloating and give a fresher appearance due to its ability to increase blood circulation and drain lymphatic fluid.

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How Gua Sha works

Gua Sha works by stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which helps to remove waste products and reduce inflammation. It can also help release tension in the muscles and improve skin elasticity. When you scrape the skin with the Gua Sha stone, you create a light pressure that helps stimulate the body's natural healing process.

Gua sha with Comforth Scandinavia

Benefits of GUa Sha massage

As one of today's most popular natural facial treatments in Asia and around the world, Gua Sha can become a favorite part of your daily beauty routine.

Gua Sha massage is known for its many benefits:
✓ Increases blood circulation
✓ Reduces bloating and swelling
✓ Drains lymphatic fluid
✓ Relieves tension in the face, throat, jaw and neck
✓ Improves skin texture
✓ Reduces bags and dark circles under the eyes

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How to use your gua sha

Gua sha is a simple treatment that is all about following the skin's natural lines, so a good tip is to put your Gua Sha kit in the fridge.

This way you get a cooling effect that helps with both bloating and swelling.

Gua Sha facial roller treatment

The facial roller from Comforth Scandinavia makes it easy to perform a gua sha treatment. You can use the roller on both the face and neck.

Use your Gua sha facial roller for 5-10 minutes at a time. You can incorporate the roller into your morning and evening routine for best results. Always remember to use a cream, oil or serum before using the roller.

Use the small roller for finer areas and the large roller for larger areas.

Here's how to do it:
1. start in the center of the face and roll outwards over the cheeks.
2. Roll from the eyebrows up the forehead.
3. Roll from the lower lip down the neck.

Treatment with gua sha stones

To get the best out of your Gua Sha stone treatment, it's important to use it correctly. Make sure to hold it flat against the skin and avoid using the edges of the stone. Apply moderate to strong pressure for optimal massage. See the illustration on the image showing how to use the Gua Sha stone on both the neck and face.

1. First moisturize the skin, then add facial oil or cream and work it in well.

2. Hold your Gua Sha with the curved side facing your face. Gently move the stone from the top of the neck down to drain fluid. Repeat 3-5 times.

3. Now move the stone along the jawline, chin and around the mouth. Stroke the skin three to five times as shown in the image. Always move the stone in short strokes in one direction - never back and forth. If you want to reduce bloating, start gently and then harder to relax the muscles.

4. press the stone flat against the skin under the eyes or over irritated areas to relieve puffiness.

5. Finally, move the Gua Sha in short, vertical movements from the top of the eyebrows up the forehead or hold and press between the brows to relieve tension.

Use your Gua Sha stone to massage the selected zones and feel a sense of relaxation. Each area should be massaged around 5 times. Should you see small bruises after a body massage with Gua Sha, this is completely normal. These bruises are caused by the release of stagnated blood and blockages in the tissue. However, they will quickly disappear again.

Body Gua Sha - wellbeing for the whole body

Body Gua Sha is a great way to bring the benefits of Gua Sha to the whole body. It can help release tension, improve blood circulation and provide a feeling of deep relaxation. Whether you use it on your arms, legs, back or stomach, Body Gua Sha can help improve your skin and wellbeing.

Gua Sha before and after

After regular use of Gua Sha, you will start to see noticeable results. Your skin will look more radiant and you'll see an improvement in your skin tone and texture. From reduced puffiness to a more defined facial contour, Gua Sha can really make a difference to your appearance.

Traditional massage meets modern wellness

While Gua Sha represents a profound tradition in Chinese wellness, we also offer modern solutions to complement your wellness routine. Try our infrared sauna blanket, designed to give you deep relaxation, detoxify the body and improve blood circulation. Combined with Gua Sha massage, you can create a holistic spa experience at home that nourishes both your skin and your mind. Discover the benefits of the sauna mat and immerse yourself in a world of comfort and well-being.

How to clean your Gua Sha

It's important to keep your Gua Sha clean to ensure you don't transfer bacteria to your skin. Clean your Gua Sha after each use with mild soap and water and dry it thoroughly. This will help prolong the life of your Gua Sha stone and ensure you get the best results from your Gua Sha massage.

Choose the right Gua Sha Stone

When choosing a Gua Sha stone, it's important to consider your skin type and your specific needs. Different stones have different properties, so it's important to choose the right one for you. For example, jade stones are known for their calming properties, while rose quartz stones are associated with love and healing.

Gua Sha is a powerful technique that can improve your skin and wellbeing. Whether you are new to Gua Sha or an experienced user, we hope this guide has provided you with useful information and inspiration. Remember, beauty comes from within and by taking care of your body, you can help your skin look its best.

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