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Comforth Pearl Wax Home Kit for Hair Removal

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Ultra soft skin for up to 4 weeks with pearl wax

Achieve fantastic results with your hair removal at home and smooth skin for up to 4 weeks with our popular pearl wax. The wax can be used all over the body and gives soft and smooth skin free from pimples, redness and irritation.

Comforth Pearl Wax Home Kit for Hair Removal
Comforth Pearl Wax Home Kit for Hair Removal Sale price$54.00


✔️ Long lasting results
Avoid having to think about shaving every single day – with our pearl wax, only one treatment is required every 3-4 weeks. Achieve soft skin all over your body and enjoy not having to think about it for weeks.

✔️ Get rid of irritation
Our pearl wax is incredibly gentle on the skin and only sticks to the hairs, not the skin itself. Therefore, you get effective hair removal without skin irritation, itching, bumps, ingrown hairs or beard plague. Our pearl wax is therefore suitable for sensitive skin.

✔️ Less waste and pain
Pearl wax is smart and popular for many reasons. The beads are easy to dose, so you don't have to let a lot of wax go to waste. In addition, most people find that pearl wax is less painful than other types of wax.

✔️ Quick and easy
Once you know the routine, you can perform a pearl wax treatment in just 5-10 minutes. The wax is easy to use and hardens by itself, so you are free to mess with wax strips.

For best results, you should have hair that is at least 3mm long.



Melt the wax

Pearl wax is less painless than other alternatives and melts at low temperatures, so there is less risk of burning yourself.


Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth and wait for it to harden. Then pull the wax off against the direction of hair growth.


You can now enjoy your smooth and soft skin for up to 4 weeks before you have to grow again.

Why you should use

Pearl Wax for Hair Removal

If you are used to removing your hair by shaving, you also know the problems that often come with it. When you scrape the skin with razor blades, it's not just the hairs that you cut. You also get a lot of skin cells removed and can risk making small wounds, which can lead to irritation, itching, ingrown hairs and beard plague.

In addition, most people are probably familiar with the feeling that the hair seems to grow back overnight. This is because shaving cuts the hairs and does not actually remove them.

Therefore, it is understandable that wax is a popular alternative to hair removal. You get a more gentle treatment for the skin, which also lasts for several weeks. It's easy and fast, especially with our home kit, where you get everything you need in one package.

Within wax, pearl wax is a particularly good choice, as it melts at low temperatures and hardens quickly by itself.

Pearl wax is also made from hypoallergenic beeswax, so it can be used all over the body, also on sensitive skin.


Removing hair with pearl wax is easy, fast and effective and only needs to be done approx. monthly. The advantages of pearl wax include:

  • Hair-free for up to 4 weeks
  • Easy and quick
  • Get rid of ingrown hairs
  • Get rid of red bumps after shaving
  • Get rid of time-consuming treatments
  • Achieve softer and smoother skin
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Pearl wax is popular because of its ability to quickly and effectively remove all the hairs from the roots in an area.


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