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Article: IPL and Sun - Can IPL be used in the summer?

IPL and Sun - Can IPL be used in the summer?

To avoid unwanted side effects, it is recommended to avoid intense sun exposure 1 week before and 24 hours after treatment with IPL hair removal. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to avoid intense sun exposure 2 weeks before and 48 hours after the treatment. This means that sunbathing and tanning beds must be avoided during that period.

However, it is still allowed to stay outside in the sun if you use sunscreen with a minimum factor of 30.  It is important to note that these precautions only apply to the areas of the body where IPL treatment has been performed. 

Why should you not get sun when treating with IPL?

When your skin is exposed to the sun's rays, damage is done to the tissue. To further protect the skin from the sun's rays, the skin produces more melanin, which gives the skin its darker colour.

But the skin has received a small amount of damage, which must heal again before IPL can be applied to the skin, as the skin is extra vulnerable. It is important to follow the precautions, even if you are not sunburned, as the skin may have been damaged by sun exposure.

Can you not use IPL in the summer?

Yes, it is possible to use IPL hair removal in the summer, but it is important to protect the treated areas from the sun's rays by using sunscreen, min. factor 30.

However, we recommend avoiding IPL treatment on the face in the summer, as it can be difficult to avoid the sun's rays in the week leading up to the treatment.

Areas such as armpits and the intimate area are good to treat in summer, as they are usually less exposed to sunlight.

IPL treatment usually takes a few months to complete, so if you want silky smooth legs by summer, it is best to start the treatment in winter or autumn.

If you tend to get darker skin in the summer, we recommend waiting with the treatment, as the increased amount of melanin in the skin can make the treatment less effective.

What about self-tanning?

When you use self-tanner, it activates the pigment in the epidermis in the same way as the sun does. Therefore, it is important to avoid using self-tanner a week before the treatment, in the same way as if you had been exposed to the sun. Self-tanner can affect the contrast between the skin and the hairs and thus make the IPL treatment less effective.

If you have already used self-tanner, it is a good idea to wait at least a week after the last application before starting an IPL treatment. That way you can be sure to achieve the best result.

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